For the Lord Comforts Zion

"For the Lord comforts Zion; He comforts all her waste places and makes her wilderness like Edens, her desert like the Garden of the Lord."

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ZION'S COMFORT is a Christian Family based ministry/business that has a heart for God, knowing Him and making Him known, Worshiping Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth {John 4:23} and establishing prayer/mission homes to be av​ail​able for individuals, mission teams and families to do just that in the Nations. 

Zion's Comfort recognizes that apart from God we can do no good thing. The Nations will be judged according to the way they have treated Israel.  It is our prayer that the Nations come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the way in which they may Glorify God in the earth and protect the apple of His eye, Israel. Zion's only comfort is the knowledge of God through the work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. 

Zion's Comfort also recognizes that all healing flows from God and it is God's desire that we be whole in our body, souls and spirit. This is His gift to us accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection. We declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, He is God come in the flesh and that no person may know God except through knowing and receiving the Son, Jesus Christ. 

We believe in the use of God's medicine found in natural foods, herbs, oils, anointing with prayer and the laying on of hands.

God is not willing that any should perish and neither are we. 

Raindr​op/Vitaflex Technique

With Young Living Essential ​ ​Oils 

Raindrop/Vitaflex Techniques are administered with the use of ​Young Living oils to enable the body to function as God intended and effects every system of the body for optimal wellness.

I am a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

Essential Oils have become a way of life for myself and my family. We have experienced for ourselves the benefit of using oils for health, wellness, prevention as well as cooking and cleaning. Gods word says that the Life is in the blood Leviticus17:11

and the Leaf or Herb is for your medicine Ezekiel 47:12

Essential Oils are the Blood or Life of the Leaf/Herb

they are Gods provision for mankind for wholeness without harm.

Go to www.youngliving.com to learn more or contact me

If you decide to become a member of young living you may use my member number as your sponsor and join a team that will be happy to support you on this journey to wholeness.

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Raindrop is an Essential Oil Application Technique developed by Gary Young to help restore balance in the body and to bring about optimal spinal health. It a non-invasive, gentle massage technique that utilizes a number of essential oils applied to the spine and feet, it is an hour long session that will assist to detoxify your bodies systems and promote wellness

I have been certified under CARE to administer both raindrop and vitaflex techniques 

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FEBRUARY 4, 2019

PSALM 139:14 "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

Does it? Does my soul know its worth? Does my soul know it is fearfully and wonderfully made? Knit together , in the secret place by the loving hands of My Father? Put together with a purpose, with a name, chosen, before the foundation of the world. Not a clone, not in an assembly line, not as an afterthought...but every minute detail lovingly laid out in a pattern, a design, a perfect plan in mind. Colors chosen, hairs counted, days numbered...

God takes an intimate interest in you, someone created in His image, carried in His heart until formed and knit together in the womb. Called forth by name and presented to the world. There are no mistakes, God opens the womb, He has a plan. God the Father ascribed value to you and the Son, Jesus Christ purchased  you with His blood, sealing you by the Holy Spirit and then writes your name in His book, never to be blot out.


you are an eternal being, created to live forever with the Lord...yet He gave you the right to choose. When we love someone with a pure love we let them choose.  To Choose...right, left) light, dark) life, death) believe, deny) CHOOSE this Day whom you will serve, follow, believe...choose life, from the only God able to give it and take it away...Jesus is God come in the flesh, He died to save you, to pay for your sin, He believes you are WORTH DYING FOR...may your soul know its worth too. 

SHH...Quiet Please

January 7, 2019

This world of ours can be so noizy, where does one find the peace their soul craves? Do you ever wake in the night just to sit up and listen to the silence? Jesus very often slipped away to be alone in prayer, He often stayed up while others slept to spend time with the Father. But in the noize of life we can't always hear well. Noize can cause confusion, disorientation and irritability. It can be a distraction. Yet, some are not comfortable unless they surround themselves with noize and it's the silence that is uncomfortable to them.  

In the beginning God set man in a garden, and visited him in the cool of the day. This setting is filled with such beauty, life, quietness and solitude. God brought Adam a companion, like himself, bone of his bone, to share life in the Garden. Silence is not a state God intends us to stay in, but the sounds of life versus the Noize of a fallen world, that is something we must discern and contend with. 

Challenge yourself to Be Still, Get quiet, live in silence for even 1 hour. Every part of our being is over stimulated throughout the day. We constantly take in sounds, sights, sensations, we pick up on moods, thoughts, intentions, we are bombarded with stimulation that grabs at us screaming, "Look at me!!! Give Me your attention!!!" When the disciples were in the boat during the storm, they gave it their full attention, they fed its power and threat until they were consumed by it...crying out for Jesus, who was sound asleep, to DO something! Jesus simply spoke to that storm, PEACE BE STILL, BE QUIET, SILENCE. And that storm obeyed...Jesus gave it no attention, He did not feed its fury with fear. Jesus took authority over the noize and the noize went silent.

Don't give your attention to worthless, noizy things...tell them to BE STILL...take authority over the noize in your life. Create a quiet space for Jesus to speak with you and for the noize of life to fall silent at the Presence of the Lord.


January 1, 2019

"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillament of what was spoken to her from the Lord." Luke 1:45

God does not speak things and then not fulfill. His word becomes flesh [John 1:14] and accomplishes all He intends. [Isaiah 55:11] From a very young age I knew I was a missionary. I knew I was His and I was called to the Nations. [Jeremiah 1:5, 9-10] I have lived this in part but not in its fullness. But now, the fullness of time has come...

We are given gifts from God, promises, talents, seeds...planted deep within, waiting...being Nourished, protected, hidden and developed in the dark and through circumstances of time and life. Some mature faster than others and are presented early in our lives, OH, we say, that just comes natural to her/him. And that gift is just in us a part of who we are, be it athletic, artistic or musical. But other talents develop over time, through trials, fire and pressure...and are brought forth in the fullness of time...GOD'S TIME. 

 Let all of your life shape and prepare you for the fulfillment, God waste nothing. Joseph was prepared in a pit and a prison, the apostles as fishermen, David as a shepherd, worshipping in a field. We can never doubt in the dark what God has spoken in the light. HE is FAITHFUL AND TRUE [Revelation 19:11] and never disappoints. He has not forgotten you or me or us, GOD REMEMBERS [Genesis 8:1] and fulfills, have faith and wait for Him to act...



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